Do you remember….

Do you remember the last time you were happy? I mean truly happy? You felt like your life was finally going in the right direction and it was near perfect? I do. It was Sunday, August 31, 2014. I was out with good friends that night. One of my best friend’s husband is in a band and they were playing at a comedy club that night. It was an awesome night! Two weeks later, my life as I knew it, shattered. But, I think I’m getting ahead of myself. I should probably start at the beginning.

In April, 2014, I found a lump on my left breast. It was slightly painful, but I wasn’t worried. Ever since I was a teenager, I would get those fibrocystic lumps caused by caffeine. I did have it checked out as that is the correct thing to do. My doctor wasn’t worried either. She said it could be expired bras and that caffeine could also be the culprit. She also told me that “cancer lumps aren’t painful.” I did as she suggested; I got professionally fitted for new bras and cut out caffeine. The lump got even bigger and more painful. She sent me for a mammogram that came back normal, but suggested further testing.

In late August, 2014, I requested to be referred to a specialist. The lump was about the size of a 50 cent piece, in the center of the┬ábreast, causing my nipple to become inverted. And the pain….was pretty bad. She referred me to a surgeon who specialized in breast cancers. At my first appointment with this surgeon, she stressed concern and sent me to have an ultrasound immediately. The results of this ultrasound were immediately reviewed by a radiologist who had me go straight to another mammogram. After my surgeon received results from both the ultrasound and the mammogram, she advised I needed a biopsy. On 9/11/14, I had a biopsy. On 9/15/14, I received a call from the surgeon, although the results were inconclusive, it did appear I had cancer. She advised I needed another biopsy, an ultrasound guided one, to gather a better sample for testing. This is the day my life changed. On 9/19/14, I had another biopsy and on 9/23/14, I was officially diagnosed – Invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 2.