Starting the journey….

After I was officially diagnosed, my surgeon referred me to an oncologist. I really lucked out in that area. My oncologist is a wonderful doctor and person. His bedside manner is unmatched. When I went for my first appointment, my close friend (who happens to also be my boss) went with me. The oncologist patiently listened to all of our questions and concerns, and answered each and every one of them in detail. He order some blood tests, CT scan and bone scan. The reason for the scans was to see if the cancer has spread to any other parts of my body. He wanted me to get a PET scan instead of the CT and bone scans, but my insurance would not cover it. I guess the cost of that one scan is quite higher than the cost of the other 2 put together and most insurances believe the 2 are just as effective. Once the test results came in, he wanted me to start chemotherapy immediately. I met with the oncologist on Monday, 09/29/14. By that Friday, 10/03/14, the tests were complete, results in, and I got my first dose of Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug. It was ordered for me to receive 4 doses, 1 every 3 weeks. And so, the cancer journey truly begins.

(At the time, I just wanted to get on with it. Get started on treatments so I can be cancer free as soon as possible. Now, I wish I could have waited another week or two. I didn’t have a port when I went for my first treatment. Chemotherapy drugs can destroy your veins and ports are attached to a main artery. It makes it easier to get the treatments and spares the veins from destruction. I did get my port in before the 2nd treatment, but that 1 treatment alone has made finding a vein quite the challenge. I cringe whenever I have to get blood drawn or have an IV. It’s not so much that the needle hurts, but that they will most likely need to stick me more than once and most try to “dig” around to find the vein.)


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